The Untold Story of Bobby Charles

“I think all of Bobby’s songs have something to offer at all times, for all people.” - Dr. John

What began as a feat to write a song for Fats Domino, the Elvis of the South at the time, Louisiana native Bobby Charles left a bump in the musical path--whether he wanted to or not. His music lingers, unnoticed under his own name, but it dented a part of rock n’ roll music that would never quite be smoothed out.

He sought inspiration in people and conversation, which is where he came up with two of his most memorable songs "See You Later, Alligator" and "Walkin’ To New Orleans." It took Fats some comin' around, as he first "told the young man he didn’t want to sing about alligators” but as we all know by now, he changed his mind.

Bobby lived a life rubbing elbows with creatives such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Willie Nelson, among others, whose music would reflect some of his influence.  

danielle dietze